Earth, thank you for the pleasure of your language.

This property inspired us to add the lavender field and surrounding gardens and meadows.

My love of flowers inspired my own creative projects.

Extending the life of a flower by drying them is my passion. Dried flowers are a reminder of the beauty of the summer garden.  As they wither, their beauty unfolds with grace and we can have them as a fond memory throughout the cold and dark months of winter until the garden blooms again.

I love to cut flowers every day from the gardens to make my  floral creations that embody my own personal flair and distinctive aesthetic. 

For me there is no greater freedom of expression than working with flowers!

Table Magazine Summer 2023

Jo’s Farms may be home to my shop and lavender field, but it’s so much more than that, which you will understand when you visit.

Jo’s Farms is where I share all the one-of-a-kind treasures I’ve spent my life collecting in Europe.



It is here where I make my floral creations.

Our little flower shed  is the heart of the garden, where we dream up all the ways to bring its magic out into the world and share this pleasure with you!

Come and be enchanted!

My life is curation and creation – it’s the world of beautiful objects that I surround myself with in my shop and my home.  My shop is  a destination for discovery, a place to  unearth interesting items. And I invite you to share the joy of finding the custom collections made by artists I have represented from France, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Sweden, and the Netherlands, some no longer in production. These treasures for the home include bespoke pillows and French artist Marie Christophe’s custom wirework birds and sculptures.

You’ll also see many of my own creations: Dried-flower arrangements, floral sculptures and floral fashions inspired by all things femme and French, that turn vintage dress forms into naturalistic couture creations.

Lavender, of course, is showcased: The shop is stocked with dried bouquets as well as bespoke items made from the beautiful blooms in my field.

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Jo's Farms

2017 Rio Grande Blvd NW
Albuquerque, New Mexico. 87104

Lisa Fontanarosa Collection